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We use the best practices and international standards to manufacturing our products and delivering for our respected clients with the best quality of industrial and customized products.

Our company services

We use the best methods and international standards in our products and delivering to our clients with the best quality of industrial and customized products.

Energy & Utilities

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables.

Manufacturing of Tarmac Factory

Manufacturing of tarmac factory completely: (Oxidation Tower + Distillation tower + Furnace).

Petrol Station Tanks

Manufacturing of Petrol station tanks in every size (Iraqi Standard).

Gas Refinery Silos & Silos of Factories

Manufacturing of Gas Refinery Silos + Silos of Factory of (Fodder + Concrete + Oil).

Furnace (Refinery)

Manufacturing of Furnace (Refinery) in every size (Ton). (ST).

Oil Factory

Manufacturing of (Oil Factory + Thermal Coil in every size).

Gas Tank

Manufacturing of Gas Tanks for homes.

Fuel Trailer Tank

Fuel Truck Tank in every size (Fuel Oil (RCR) + Gas and Petrol + Drinking Water Tank).

Tank of Drinking Water

Manufacturing of Drinking Water Tanks (Governmental Standard).

Tank of Water Refinery

Manufacturing of Water Refinery Tank.

Tank of External Storage

Manufacturing of External Storage Tank (5000-1000, 000 liter).

Heating and Cooling Exchange

Manufacturing of (Heating and Cooling Exchange in every size + Every type of Hot Seamless Pipe) (Pipe Schedule 40).


Manufacturing of Mixer (Factory of Dye in every size).

Boiler for Gas

Manufacturing Boiler for Gas.


Manufacturing of pool in every size.

Refrigerator of Cooling Water

Manufacturing of Cooling Water Refrigerator.

Gas Pipes

Manufacturing of Gas Pipes.

Tower of Gas Analysis

Manufacturing of Tower of Gas Analysis.